Hire a professional pet sitter to care for your puppy while you're away from home!

Hire a professional pet sitter to care for your puppy while you’re away from home!

You’re the proud parent of a canoodling canine and/or a finicky feline whom you simply adore, spoil absolutely rotten, and care for as a member of your family. It shouldn’t be any other way, right? If you are like most pet parents and only want the best for your four-legged family, a pet sitter is by far your best option when it comes to proper care for your pet in your absence.

Whether you have a precious puppy who needs an extra potty break during the day while you’re working, a cantankerous cat who must be fed at 5 p.m. and you know you’ll be home late, or a dynamic duo who needs extra TLC while you’re on vacation, a pet sitter can be your ~ an your pets’ ~ best friend.

A common misconception about pet sitting is that anyone can do it. After all, it’s just a matter of giving pets some food and water, a pat on the head, and making sure they take care of business, right? That’s just not the case. To be a pet sitter, you must have a deep love and admiration for pets ~ ALL pets ~ even the ones that nip, scratch, require medication, aren’t potty trained, and hump legs. Pet sitting requires a great deal of patience, an understanding of each individual pet’s likes and needs, the ability to adapt to pet personalities and environments, and the willingness to do whatever it takes to keep a pet happy, healthy and safe.

So, what can the professional pet sitters from The Poop and Nothing But the Poop do for you and your precious pet? Here ten things (just to name a few) we can do to make your life a bit easier and your pet’s life happier:

  1. Have a senior pet with special needs? Not to worry! We can administer medication, ensure gentle care and even change doggy diapers if need be!
  1. Does your cat suffer from separation anxiety? We will ensure she receives ample lap time, a sparkling clean litter box, a good game of “catch the laser,” and ~ if you prefer ~ we will even spend the night with kitty by our side!
  1. If your puppy is in the midst of house training when you get called away on a business trip, don’t despair! Fill us in on your training plan and we will ensure a seamless continuation of your playful pup’s training while you’re away.
  1. Is your middle-aged Muffin getting a bit ornery in her old age? We can provide re-socialization, positive reinforcement and stimulation that can help her simmer down and play nice.
  1. Does your busy schedule and home life make it difficult to give Fido the special attention he needs and deserves? Leave it to us to fill in the gaps! From exercise sessions to belly rub sessions, we have Fido’s needs covered.
  1. Special dietary needs for pets are more and more common these days. We guarantee your pet will be fed appropriately and we will make you aware of any dietary side-effects that may arise.
  1. Worried your pet will get anxious while you’re away and turn into Daisy the Destructor? We will keep your pet engaged, entertained, stimulated and loved, helping to ease any anxiety. And being in her own environment, surrounded by all things familiar is ideal.
  1. Concerned strangers will notice you’re away and take advantage of the situation? We will make your home appear lived-in, opening and closing blinds, turning on porch lights, checking the mail, taking in the newspaper, etc. so no one will even know you’re away.
  1. Is your feline finicky when it comes to who she trusts? Having a familiar face visit her in your absence will reinforce her sense of security, and allow us to build a special bond.
  1. Have a female in heat? We will ensure she is kept clean and far-far away from any possible suitors. Whether it’s sanitary napkins that need to be changed, or a designated area that needs to be cleaned and sanitized, we will take care of it all!

Curious what else we can do to help you with the care of your pet? Call us today at 856-296-6206 !

Written by Darlene Wagner Butler for The Poop and Nothing But the Poop

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