The above are all things to consider when taking a pet into your home. Our new dog loves to sleep in bed. She sheds and not just a little. She is a major, big time, shedder. So, I keep a sheet on top of the bed for her to lay on. Our sofas are covered too. I don’t mind her using the furniture, all of our dogs have in the past and continue to do so today. She is also a late sleeper and we are early risers. She is most energetic at a time when we are winding down from a busy day.
Our Shih Tzu and Shih Tzu Poodle have created permanent indentations in the cushion backs of our sofas and loveseat. Our loveseat is our Shih Tzu’s favorite perch for looking outside. Our other dog molds himself into the throw pillows and throws. Both dogs love to wind themselves up in the throws and are very entertaining to watch.
How do you feel about your toilets? I have one client that leaves her toilet seats up on purpose as that is where her pets prefer to drink from.
I have had cat clients where both cats had to be fed only from the kitchen counter with one of the kitties preferring that I hold the bowl out to her while she sat on the windowsill. I have another whose cat drinks from the kitchen faucet.
Dog bowls-are yours on the ground or elevated? Stainless steel or ceramic? Do you have bowls on every floor? Some dogs don’t like the clink of their tags against their bowl. Others don’t care what kind of bowl you feed them from as long as you feed them. Do they share or eat from separate bowls? Our dogs always had their bowls lined up against our kitchen wall and it was so cute to watch them all in a row. Now our Lab eats on one side of the room and our Shih Tzu on the other.
Lastly, coats, sweaters, boots and other accompaniments. While our Shih Tzu has a raincoat and winter coat they are for protection only and not for esthetic purposes. Because he is so low to the ground we try and keep ice and snow out of his coat. They have cute collars and leashes and the Shih Tzu even had a blue mohawk one time. We’ve had boots too but they were solely for the purpose of providing traction.
So what’s your style? Does your dog sport a special cut? Wear a handsome collar or coat? Share your bed? Let’s share!

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