Keeping Your Pets And Feral Cats Warm Outside

Published on December 22, 2013 by in Blog

New Jersey Aid for Animals is able to provide assistance for feral cats and to owners who do not want to bring their pets inside. Kathy McGuire, President of New Jersey Aid for Animals (NJAFA) was a guest on CBS3 “Ask The Vet” this morning, December 22, 2013. She described the partnership between NJAFA and Burger Fence Company of Mantua, NJ.
Dog houses, constructed from recycled privacy fences are available for purchase at the following rates: $50 for a small, $85 for a medium size and $100 for a large size dog house. According to McGuire, the small dog house will hold four feral cats or a small dog.
The program which is in its 10th year, has been very successful. To further assist the animals in staying warm, straw should be put down to cover the floor and food and water bowls should be kept in the house, especially since water bowls will freeze if left outside in the elements. A flap should be installed over the opening.
The houses take about a week to construct. According to New Jersey Title 4, pet owners must legally provide shelter or protection from the weather. If one does not have the means to purchase a dog house from NJAFA, they can contact them for assistance. Their website is
All too often we see feral cats roaming our neighborhoods and these houses offer them an opportunity to survive harsh winter temperatures.

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