Healthy Coat = Healthy Pet!

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Healthy Coat PetIf you’re one to use sprays, spritzes, special shampoos, softeners and serums on your pet’s coat thinking it will make it healthy, think again! Yes, the results may look fabulous for a few days, but long-term you may be destroying Fido or Fluffy’s coat with the products you are using on it.

A good coat doesn’t come from products used on the outside; it starts from the inside! Proper nutrition, exercise and overall pet happiness is the basis for a good, healthy coat; not a cabinet filled with expensive, scented grooming products.

Nutrition is Key!

Good nutrition is the number one key to the life of your pet’s fur and its ability to regenerate. Feeding your canine or kitty a high-quality diet may be all that is necessary to maintain his or her healthy coat. But, if you find food alone to be insufficient, try a dietary supplement such as digestive enzymes added to your pet’s food. Natural mixtures are preferable over processed products as they are more easily digested and absorbed by your pet’s system.

H2O is the Way to Go!

Additionally, hydration is key. Providing adequate clean water throughout the day is extremely important as it flushes out the toxins from your pet’s system. Simple, clean, clear, fresh water – with nothing added to it – is best so the liver and kidneys don’t have anything to filter.

Hydration is also primary in feeding your pet’s existing coat. When bathing, don’t use thick, heavy conditioners. For the average pet, a light spray of moisturizer on the coat followed by a thorough brushing is all that is needed to support the natural oils in your pet’s coat, and also keeps him or her smelling fresh.

Brushing is Best!

Regular brushing is very important for the health of your pet’s coat. Brushing helps to spread the natural oils over the skin and through the strands of hair. These oils protect the skin from environmental hazards like the sun, wind and dirt, and keeps the hair moisturized. Brushing also increases the blood flow that feeds the skin and coat. Even if your pet is short-haired and doesn’t require brushing to maintain grooming, brushing twice per week will benefit his or her coat health greatly.

Happy Pets are Healthy Pets!

It’s a fact ~ pets that are happy tend to be healthier. Spending more time with your pet can truly change his or her overall health. Take Fido out for a weekly run; groom Fluffy two or three times per week; make Fido and Fluffy part of your daily routine; include them in family activities.

A Quick Rundown:

The key ingredients for a healthy coat include: a quality diet, natural supplements, lots of water, moisturizer, brushing and a happy pet. Follow this simple recipe and Fido and Fluffy’s coats are sure to be shiny and strong in no time at all!

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