Top Ten Gifts For Your Dog

Published on December 23, 2013 by in Blog

Here’s  my top ten gifts for your dog.
  1. Proper leash or harness. If your dog is a puller, then try either a front clipping leash (Sen-si-ble, Victoria Stilwell, ) or harness lead. Smaller dogs may do well using a step in harness and there are many varieties in the marketplace. When fitting a harness on your dog, make sure that there is no metal that will dig into the areas around his/her legs and that it fits securely.
  2. Time. Spend time with your pet. He or she provides you with unconditional love. Take walks, cuddle, and take time to bond with your pet. You won’t regret it.
  3. Pet Sitter. Hire me! Dogs need exercise and stimulation. If you work long days, travel for leisure or business, or just have a busy schedule, a pet sitter can help maintain your dog’s activity level.
  4. Diet. Feed a good food, one without excess filler. You can check with your veterinarian for recommendations or a website like Limit treats. If you do enjoy giving your dog a treat, consider something like a piece of sliced apple, dried sweet potato, frozen green beans or baby carrots. Moderation is best.
  5. Grooming. Brush your dog. Your dog will enjoy the contact and you get to see first hand if there are any changes in your dog’s coat. Mattes can also be avoided. Keep nails trimmed and eyes free of debris. If you are uncertain about trimming your dog’s nails or giving him or her a bath and a haircut, find a reputable groomer. Your veterinarian may have one on staff. If not, they can certainly recommend one.
  6. Toys/Puzzles. Most dogs love toys from the soft, squeaky ones to the Kong type-hard rubber or tuff toys. Puzzles allow your dog to use their senses if they are seeking a treat. Fast eaters may benefit from a toys that dispenses kibble. Always remember to check toys for wear. You don’t want your pet ingesting a squeaker or a piece of plastic or wood. I love puzzles. You can make your own or purchase them at your local pet store or from a site such as Amazon. If you are considering a wood or plastic puzzle, check to see that the edges have no rough pieces. You can also make a puzzle/treat feeder by taking a plastic container with a snug lid and punching holes in it large enough to dispense treats.
  7. Check-Ups. Just like us humans, our pets needs to have check-ups and proper inoculations. During an exam, your vet will also check your pet’s dental health and make suggestions about dental care. Your vet will also advise you as to which inoculations are required and provide information on flea and tick control as well as disease control (parvo).
  8. Bed. Provide your dog with a bed of their own. Even if they only use it part-time, it will be something they can call their own! As they age, some dogs may benefit from an orthopedic bed. We bought a great one from Furhaven that has a removable cover and 4-inch foam base. Our Shih Tzu on the other hand loves to curl up in snug spaces so he loves a small, soft bed.
  9. Training. Get a good trainer. Even an older dog can benefit from training if there are behavioral issues. It is much easier to have a socialized dog then one who has behavioral issues. Again, check with your veterinarian or your other pet owning friends for a recommendation.
  10. Health Insurance. Sometimes dogs get sick, require treatment for such things as pulled muscles or allergies, or bug bites. Check out the various health insurance plans in the marketplace and find which one is right for you.

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