Top Ten Cat Gifts

Published on December 25, 2013 by in Blog

It may be Christmas but it’s not too late for these. They should all be labeled number 1 on your list! Just because they’re cats doesn’t make their needs any different than a dog’s needs!
  1. Check-Ups. Just like us humans, our pets need to have check-ups and the correct inoculations. During an exam, your vet will also check your cat’s dental health and make suggestions about dental care. Cats have teeth too! Your vet will make recommendations as to which inoculations are required. Cat doesn’t like to travel, contact a mobile veterinarian.
  2. Time. Be prepared to spend time with your cat or kitten. He or she provides you with unconditional love. Take the time to cuddle and bond with your pet/s. It will also help socialize your cat to humans.
  3. Diet. Feed a good food, one without fillers and one recommended by your vet. Check to see that the pet food you choose has not had recalls. I recommend Pet Guard dog and cat food and supplements. This food has worked well for my family for over 25 years. Additionally, Dr. Michael Dym is the veterinarian for the company and is well known for his homeopathic practice. Make sure that whatever brand you choose, that you can reach the company should you have any questions or concerns. If you choose to give treats, run them by your vet. Provide plenty of water and wash dishes often. Mold can grow quickly in unwashed dishes.
  4. Bed. Yes, cats like beds too! Even though your cat may like sleeping under the blankets or on your pillow, provide your kitty with their own space. There are a variety of beds on the market and choose which one fits your cat’s sleep habits.
  5. Cat Tree or Window Perch. Cats love to look be up high. They also love looking out windows. I have some cats that prefer their kibble dish to be located on their tree and not on the floor. If you choose a window perch, make sure it is securely attached so no kitty falls!
  6. Indoor Environment. Keep your cat indoors. Outdoor cats are much more susceptible to disease, being chosen as prey, toxins, and a generally reduced life span. Just because your cat “wants to go outside” doesn’t mean they have to. Make your cat’s environment engaging enough that they do not get out.
  7. Puzzles and Toys. There are cat puzzles that engage your kitty so that they find a hidden treat. Toys such as ones with catnip, chasers and lasers are good for exercising their brains as well as their bodies.
  8. Pet Sitter. Hire me! If you have a busy schedule, want to take a vacation or just go away for a short overnight trip, hire a pet sitter. An automatic feeder can get turned over or stop working. Litter needs to be scooped at least once daily. Your kitty can get stuck in a space and not get out. I have had sits where a contractor closed all doors denying the cats access to food, water and their litter box.
  9. Litter Box(es). One box for each cat is preferable. If your home is on different levels, have boxes on each. If your cat sprays devise a system so that the urine does not go all over. Once inventive client hung plastic sheeting around the litter box. The cat still sprayed, but it was easily cleaned. Choose a litter that is unscented. You may have to try more than one. If you have multiple cats, look at litters designed for multiple cat homes. Scoop often. Daily or twice a day is best. If your cat is going outside the box, this might be the reason. Also, speak to your vet and take be prepared to take your kitty to the office for a check up if the situation continues.
  10. Health Insurance. Get it. Check out the different companies to see what they offer. Some offer monthly billing and will insure pre-existing conditions as well as seniors.

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