You’ve taken the initial step in securing care for your pet and the person you’ve contacted mentioned setting up a “Meet and Greet.” Just what is it, you wonder?
A Meet and Greet allows the potential sitter to meet both you and your pet/s. If the pet sitting is to be done in your home, the Meet and Greet takes place in the pets’ own environment. If the sitter you are seeking to hire does in-home boarding or it’s a doggie daycare, the Meet and Greet takes place outside of your home. Either way it allows the person who will be caring for your pet to meet him or her.
I provide pet care services in the client’s home so that is where my Meet and Greet takes place.  As a courtesy, I provide this consultation at no charge to the client. Whereas some sitters may set a time limit for the Meet and Greet, I do not. Time limitations do not work well for fearful or shy dogs or cats. After all, I want your pet to feel comfortable with me. If your pet takes any sort of medication, having him or her feel comfortable with the sitter is extremely important. Medications cannot be dispensed if you cannot find the pet you are supposed to be taking care of or if the pet is hiding under a bed or piece of furniture. If care is not scheduled close to the time of the Meet and Greet, I am happy to return so that your pets and I may become reacquainted and we can catch up on any changes that may have taken place.
The Meet and Greets allow the sitter and client to review the paperwork that the client has completed. It is important for the sitter that the emergency contact be aware that they are listed and current numbers are given. Client’s also get to show the sitter exactly where leashes and other items such as towels can be found. If the sit is for cat clients, then certainly the sitter will want to know where the kitty litter is stashed, where the litter boxes are and the litter kept. Either way, we get to see such things as hiding places, food and treat locations, beds and learn other information not only about the pets, but about the home as well.  We will also review whether or not your lights will be on timers or you would like them turned on/off, plants watered and if the mail needs to be taken in. If you have an alarm, we will test it out to ensure that there is no problem. The client will also provide the pet sitter with the key to the house at the time of the Meet and Greet. Like an alarm, the key will be tested to ensure that it works in the lock. Clients who use garage door openers will still be asked for a key in case of power failure.
Oftentimes, the sitter will ask to see how the pet (if it’s a dog) responds to someone other than the client putting on the leash and taking him/her for a walk. Keep in mind that just like a child, a dog may behave one way inside of a house with it’s owner and completely like a different dog with a stranger. A “preview walk” is short and allows the sitter to see favorite spots. If a dog does not care for a certain human or canine neighbor, that can also be pointed out at this time.
All in all, the Meet and Greet is beneficial to the client, sitter and pets in order for the sitter to provide excellent, comprehensive care for your fur family.

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